Technologies we support


In-Building IBS DAS testing with our CW Transmitter for all cellular, public safety, LTE modulation, CBRS, C-Band with 1,2,4 ports from 150 Mhz-3.7 GHz battery-operated HH units.

ALL Cellular

CW wide-band transmitter hand-held units from 200 Mhz – 6Ghz with 2 or 10 Watt amplifier option. This unit supports all the cellular, sub 6 GHz 5G, including the new UWB CBRS deployments and commissioning.


High power CW transmitter for ODAS with multiple channel outputs.

DAS Monitoring

Antenna based cloud troubleshooting tools.


New 5G small deployment mm-wave 28, 37 and 39 GHz bands n257, n260, n261 with high power amplifier for indoor-outdoor model propagation simulations.

Walk-drive test receivers

Indoor and outdoor simulations up to 3.9 GHz, 1or 2  channels.

Cable & over the air analysis

Hand-held CAT, DAS, cellular OTA spectrum analyzers “Hand Held Soectrum Analyzers up to 87 GHz”.

Fiber Optic

Fiber inspection tool with optical probe, dual-band laser source kit for field testing.

Hand-held fiber optic OTDR’s for fault, breaks, bends for field service deployment.