Sunsight MW15 Microwave Path Alignment Kit

Real Time End-to-End Path Alignment System

(US Patent 9,781,233)

  • Aligns backhaul antenna links in minutes regardless of distance or frequency.
  • Link can be aligned with or without radios installed or powered.
  • Kit determines the required path alignment values automatically (target azimuth and elevation), eliminating potential data entry errors, incorrect initial path design or flawed data sheets.
  • Each all-inclusive kit includes two alignment units to allow simultaneous alignment of both sides of the link in minutes.
  • Can also be used to align one end of link and the other end at a later time, eliminating the need for two crews to align a link.
  • Azimuth, tilt, roll, height, photos, and location (Lat/Long) captured in PDF report for customer and government communication agency records.
  • Each kit can also be used as two separate RF cellular antenna panel alignment tools with no additional hardware or software.

The system automatically calculates exact alignment using known positional data in real-time and provides the user simple targets for aligning the link. No signal, power, or frequency is needed for Sunsight’s innovative pathing process.



Azimuth R99*.45°
Azimuth RMS* .15°
Horizontal Position30 cm (SBAS)
Vertical Position (MSL)60 cm (SBAS)
Altitude w/ Laser Rangefinder21 cm (AGL)
GPS Receiver 540 channel
Satellite ConstellationsGPS and GLONASS
Life9 hrs
Charge Time 1.5 hrs
Unit4.5 lbs
Mount4 lbs
Unit Dimensions22.7"x3.8"x1.7" (57.6cmx9.6cmx4.3cm)
Environment and Connectivity:
Op Temp -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Storage Temp-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Output PDF, CSV, HTML, Proprietary encrypted format
Memory 8 GB
Industry Certifications CE and FCC