Consultix WaveSense™

Monitoring pilot / broadcast channels, donor antenna line and repeater’s RF health can all be achieved by carefully observing RF signals at certain points.

Signal strength is the main indicator of network availability and radio equipment activities.

Consultix Wavsenese was engineered to bring simplicity to basic RF monitoring with a solution that is devised to be economical, simply deployable and easy-to-operate.

Just place the Wavesense node at any location, give it Ethernet access and you are up and running; seeing what’s going on remotely.

Through a web-based console window, user can select and login to any site and view its RF timeline. And as a distributed concept (roadmap feature), the system will be supported by Consultix SpectraQual central server that can be either installed at any user premises or accessed as a cloud service for minimal user CapEx. Either way, SpectraQual provides users with a simple method to observe multiple locations from a central monitor.

Monitoring the essential signals of a wireless network (such as downlink and pilot signals) at selected locations allows tracking any severe changes in coverage, equipment failure or overriding interferers. Spectrum monitoring nodes have been the only choice when it comes to wireless signals observation, however such systems used to imply high performance and rich functionality that might be an overkill in many simple tasks. The WaveSense monitoring node is designed to be compact, rugged, lightweight and with ultra-low power consumption. Additionally for the ultimate versatility, the following capabilities are featured in the device:

  • Versatile power supply options; AC (110/220) and DC (5 VDC or 24/48 VDC)
  • Compact form factor with rugged IP 65 enclosure for indoor/outdoor deployment
  • Ethernet, WIFI or cellular backhaul connectivity

WaveSense Timeline