CellWizard™ CW Receiver

Consultix CellWizard™ Receivers are engineered to cope with the company unified vision to deliver a field-proof, user-friendly, small size, modular and easy-to-maintain products covering every user’s field requirements and preferred setup.

In addition to its WRX Handheld family, Consultix extended its portfolio with a miniature pocket-size receiver; the MRX Handheld family that addresses the need for small field setup constituting just a pocket receiver supporting a broad range of personal computing devices.

Consultix Ultra-Portable CellWizard™ CW Receivers are the ideal tool for Indoor model calibration, coverage verification walk test, outdoor propagation model tuning and DAS injection tests up to 4 different frequencies at the same time.

You no longer have to carry a heavy backpack, a complex scanner or a laptop while CW testing.

The CellWizard™ MRX along with the WalkView™ App allows you to conduct all the measurements, geo-tag or map them to the floor plan then export them to your radio design software of choice… all from the comfort of your tablet.