PathFinder™ CW Receiver

The PathFinder™ is Consultix supreme receiver which presents unparalleled performance when it comes to outdoor measurements.

The compact battery-operated device is engineered particularly for outdoor CW drive-test applications and RF environment scanning. Hence, the instrument is designed to deliver very high sampling speeds with superior immunity to interference in crowded RF ambiance.

The receiver is supported by the company’s WALKVIEW™ data collection applications to automatically test & scan multiple CW signals. Its sampling speed allows scanning multiple bands in parallel while coping with the 40-λ Lee Criteria.

The test results including RSSI levels & location information are mapped on the software and can be archived or exported into a variety of radio planning software tools.

This instrument comes in 2 variances; either multi-band single-port or multi-band dual-port. And both versions have optional odometer interface for the utmost distance sampling accuracy.

You no longer have to bring a complex scanner with a bulky setup on-site when performing outdoor CW testing.

The Pathfinder together with its WalkView™ android App allow you to view live measurements, plot RSSI levels on google maps or export all data samples with geo-tags to your radio planning software of choice… all from the comfort of your tablet.

Alternatively, you can use the Walkview Windows version when performing multi-band scanning for higher efficiency.