CellWizard™ MRX-Pro CW Receiver

CellWizard™MRX-Pro CW Receiver

CellWizard™ MRX-Pro CW receiver is very compact, wideband, battery-operated receivers covering all cellular and public safety bands from 300 MHz to 3.9 GHz. The receiver is combined with WALKVIEW™ data collection software to automatically test & scan signal levels at high sample rates that comply with 40-λ Criteria. The test results including RSSI levels & location information are displayed on the software and can be archived or exported into radio planning software tools.

Consultix Ultra-Portable CellWizard™ MRX-Pro CW Receiver is the ideal tool for outdoor propagation model tuning.

You no longer have to carry a heavy backpack, a complex scanner or a laptop while CW testing.

The CellWizard™ MRX-Pro along with the WalkView™ App allows you to conduct all the measurements, geo-tag or map them to the floor plan then export them to your radio design software of choice… all from the comfort of your tablet.