Consultix 5G CW Receiver

Consultix 5G CW Receiver

5G networks are all about enabling ultra-broadband, massive connectivity, ultra-low latency, so building a strong RF infrastructure is a key prerequisite. As RF infrastructure lays the foundation of every wireless network and if done right, every coming phase is a whole lot easier.

And since muscular RF infrastructure correlates with an outstanding RF design, our mission is to enable our users to shine some light on the RF environment of their projects using real field measurements.

A continued desire toward portability of field testers has been always there, but economics played a large role…And here comes the solution.

Consultix-5G receivers are portable solutions that bring simplicity and affordability to mmWave test scenarios pertinent to 5G applications.

The products feature superior RF performance at 28 GHz band. And its compact size makes mmWave field testing as easy as low GHz.

The sensitivity is deep enough to fulfill dynamic range requirements. And with the Walk-view software, it’s a lot easier now to plot and export measurements for further processing.

Consultix-5G receivers are available in two different flavors to meet different users’ requirements either for CW walk-test or CW drive-test missions.