DASMaster™ Cable and Antenna Analyzer + CW Receiver

DASMaster™ Cable and Antenna Analyzer + CW Receiver

DASMaster™ is a new class of products that are engineered from the ground up to cover the needs of DAS teams End-to-End. Combining versatility, performance, and usability required for each phase of the DAS project, the compact handheld unit is a field convenient pouch that provides RF surveyors, designers and installation/commissioning teams with a sweep tester, CW receiver and spectrum analyzer in a single lightweight shock-protected device.

Only the DASMaster™ can match the requirements of the In-Building Market and technology trends; Performing measurements across different test domains by replacing multiple costly and cumbersome tools while it has the ergonomics and speed required for massive testing as well as the size/weight needed for indoor and above-ceiling installation and measurements.

Its compatibility with Consultix WalkView ™ Android application provides engineering teams with a complete Walk-Test tool for In-building CW measurement.

The superlative performance and ruggedness of the unit make it also the tool of choice for outdoor site crews.



  • DAS sweep testing
  • DAS injection tests
  • CW measurements for DAS and Small Cells radio planning (RF model calibration)
  • DAS and Small Cells interference analysis
  • Certification and quality check of RF elements such as; antennas, cables, connectors…etc

Typical Users:

  • DAS installation and commissioning teams
  • Site maintenance teams
  • DAS & Small cells RF design engineers
  • Field Operations teams
  • Site Acceptance teams
  • RAN teams