DAS Monitoring System

Consultix DASwizard™

Delivering a high availability wireless service inside buildings is a critical KPI for all service providers. Like any network component, DAS networks should be monitored in real-time to assess any performance issues. Additionally, monitoring passive DAS components such as coaxial cable and antennas is problematic because these components do not have an inherent monitoring capability. Thus, the operator will “discover” a problem only via field testing or worse, from an upset landlord or subscriber.

Consultix DASwizard is a DAS monitoring system engineered to limit downtime, speed-up field repairs and ultimately increase revenues of DAS sites regardless owned by operators, building owners or neutral hosts. Such system will quickly pay for itself in compromising walk tests and simplifying analysis to determine DAS issues before significantly losing revenues.

The system comprises 3 main elements; distributed probes, gateways and the server.

  • Every probe is easily mounted in a close proximity to each DAS antenna and continuously measures its RF transmission levels
  • Then comes the gateway to collect alarms from each group of probes then relays to the Server
  • And at last, the server for operation, monitoring configuration and data insights.